call me PURINSESSU~ (ex_feenix884) wrote in acciohagrid,

004; in which there are over 9000 reasons for doubt

James felt his confidence level sink as Sirius asked why he should doubt him. Immediately a long list of reasons popped into James' mind, but he chose not to voice them. This high up in the air, it probably wasn't a good idea to agitate the one driving the flying motorcycle.

"You're right, how could I ever doubt the great Sirius Black?" he asked, keeping the sarcasm in his voice to a minimum -- well, as much of a minimum as he could, anyway. James didn't think he could honestly say such a thing without any sarcasm. It just wouldn't be natural.

"Your navigation skills?" he repeated incredulously, gazing down at their friend's house. Everything was still quiet down there; no doubt they were sleeping, as most rational wizard-folk were given to doing at such an unreasonable hour. "It was your navigation skills that nearly had us become decorations on the side of that big muggle clock!" James sighed. "Just make sure you don't navigate a new window into the Lupins' house, will you?" He laughed; he meant no real offense, it was just that he viewed an opportunity to make fun of Sirius far too important to ignore. They always had a way of somehow coming through any bad situation relatively unscathed.

He wondered how the lawn would fare after an enchanted motorbike made a landing. Maybe they could convince the Lupins to build a sort of landing strip for future visits... once they got over the shock of what was sure to be a rude awakening, anyway.
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