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005; because nothing ever goes smoothly.

Sirius snorted indignantly. "Well how was I supposed to know about a giant ruddy clock in the middle of town? Those Muggles - they think of the most absurd ideas!" He was about to go off on a rant of the "why would anyone (Muggle or not) need a giant clock" variety, but decided he'd spare James, instead swerving the enchanted bike to the side to avoid a low-hanging cloud.

"And, for that matter," Sirius continued, turning the bike again to circle the Lupins' house - mentally calculating the best way to go about landing without: a) killing them both; or b) giving the Lupins' some reason to do the job instead - "I know exactly what I'm doing! Calm down, Prongs!" The job would have been made a million times easier if there weren't so many damn trees, but Sirius couldn't exactly change that.

He leaned forward, nose peeking over the handlebars as he tipped the bike - stomach dropping as they abruptly swung lower, close enough to make out the tiny details of the patchworked fields, snaking roads, and little puffs of smoke wafting out of the Lupins' chimney. "See!" he yelled cheerfully over the roaring engine (which seemed to grow louder as they flew lower - odd.)

"Only a few moments now!"

And that's when the engine sputtered and started to give up, the bike abruptly jolting mid-air.
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