call me PURINSESSU~ (ex_feenix884) wrote in acciohagrid,

006; capslock is apparently hereditary

James couldn't really argue with Sirius about not knowing the clock was there, because he hadn't known it was either. Still, he felt that crashing headlong into muggle culture wasn't exactly the most effective way of becoming acquainted with it. He kept his gaze pinned on the Lupins' house, hoping the bike wouldn't swerve dangerously towards it.

"Coming from anyone other than you, the words 'I know what I'm doing' would probably inspire hope. From you, they just make me worry more," James said. Or rather, he would have said, and he was about halfway through when the bike started to plummet, the early morning suddenly all too quiet without the roar of the engine (which, though once irritating, would now have been a rather comforting sound).

One hand still holding on for dear life, he reached into his robes and pulled his wand out, ready to transfigure trees into pillows, or throw hovering spells at the bike or their own bodies, or possibly try to convince the Lupin house to get up and move out of harm's path.

"IF I DIE BEFORE LILY EVANS CONFESSES HER UNDYING LOVE, PADFOOT, I SWEAR TO MERLIN--!" The threat went unfinished, but really, it was better that way. Sirius did have a very active imagination, after all.
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