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001; visiting remus.

Dawn was already breaking, the darkness giving way to faint light in the horizon; soon the sun would rise over the hills. Sirius frowned at the thought- it was hard to see, but judging by his calculations, they were currently several hundred feet over a small city. It wouldn't do, for the Muggles to look up and see a large motorcycle flying overhead. They had already gotten lucky, with it being a dark night, and he wasn't sure if that luck would hold up.

"Oi, how much further?" he called over his shoulder to his best friend James, trying to speak over the sound of the engine roaring. They were flying - or trying to, at least - to the house of one Remus Lupin, but Sirius was beginning to suspect that maybe they hadn't thought this one through. James' parents had bestowed him with a magical, flying motorcycle for his birthday and well... at least they were putting it to good use!

Nevermind the fact that they had been driving nearly all night, it was almost impossible to see, and they had nearly collided with high-flying birds on more than one occasion. James had taken to complaining about how reckless a flyer Sirius was - he would purposely speed up and swerve about wildly in retaliation - and now that the initial exhileration had worn off, Sirius was starting to get sick of driving.

Still, Sirius suspected that they would have a very good laugh about the entire adventure once their feet were firmly on the ground; that, and the mental image of the look on Remus' face when they landed on his front lawn was enough to keep his spirits up. He accelerated again, and they sped over the city, passing into the countryside around it.

"Just over that hill, isn't it?"

(*fails at RP* *fails at life*)
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