call me PURINSESSU~ (ex_feenix884) wrote in acciohagrid,

002; maps are not useful in the dark. or upside-down.

With one hand holding a battered map of the English countryside, and the other clutching onto the flying motorcycle for dear life, James Potter was reflecting on how flying on a broomstick was far more enjoyable than this; at the very least, on a broomstick, he was in control. Here, he was entirely dependent on Sirius' dubious driving skills to get them from Point A (in this case, his family's home) to Point B (Remus' house) in the appropriate number of pieces. With the sky brightening, he realized that he'd been holding the map upside-down for some time, and flipped it over hastily, turning his squinting gaze from the map to the hill Sirius had referred to.

“It looks familiar,” he said, yelling to be heard over the noise of the engine and the wind rushing past them. He wasn’t sure which town was below them, so he folded the map haphazardly and stuffed it into one of the pockets in his robe. It wouldn’t be of much use to them unless they could get their bearings. The town far below was beginning to come to life for another day, and James wanted to be out of sight before any muggles started peering out of their windows up at the sky. “Can you get there without killing us both?” he asked, shifting slightly so that he was holding on with both hands.

Maybe he could convince Moony to let them crash—no, stay—there for a few nights. As thrilling as breaking this many rules was (flying unescorted in the dead of night, on an illegally charmed motorcycle, without even telling anyone they were going... It was all worth it, though. He knew Remus would have been getting lonely by himself all summer, and just imagining his reaction when he saw them tugged the corners of James’ mouth up in a mischievous smile), he didn’t think he was prepared for the flight back. As unlikely as it was, he hoped Sirius would let him drive on the way back.

Whether they stayed for a week, a night, or an hour, he was sure that he and Sirius would get a very spirited lecture from his parents, probably involving all manner of threats (despite how he tried to hide it, both teens knew that the Potter patriarch was far too amused at their antics to actually follow through on any of the threats). James, for one, did not enjoy being lectured, and felt that there was quite a lot of sense in delaying the inevitable.
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