afk (fairness) wrote in acciohagrid,

003; of the almighty reliable house of black

To be 100% honest, Sirius himself was beginning to have nasty little doubts about his own driving abilities. Granted, being Sirius Black, he was naturally good at pretty much anything--women, Quidditch, looking handsome at any given time of the day, etc. etc.--; however, the countryside below was looking very daunting as the enchanted bike zoomed overhead.

Naturally, he responded by looking over his shoulder and fixing his best friend with the most endearing of smiles. "Of course I can get us there! Why should you doubt me, Prongs?" Mentally, Sirius could check off about a million different occurances when he had given his friends reasonable belief to doubt his own abilities (usually when he tried to give his friends dating advice; even moreso when said dating advice was in relation to one Lily Evans). However, when they were flying so high that the trees below looked more like off-green dots than anything, he figured it wasn't a good time to panic.

He was a Black, after all. After years of being the odd one out in the family, Sirius was pretty damn good at being reckless and somehow pulling through. Accelerating and flying a little higher, he brought the enchanted bike flying over the hill and let out a delighted whoop when he spotted a little grey house -- tiny, at this height, looking more like a child's toy than anything else -- surrounded by a ring of trees. Though they had only visited their friend Remus a few times (most of their holiday reunions were held at the Potters' due to sheer convenience), he instantly recognized it.

"See!" Sirius remarked, triumphant, to James. "Once again, my navigation skills are impeccable!"

Of course, there was always the issue of landing and not smashing into a tree, or anything else as equally nasty (like one of those silly Muggle telephone wires), but Sirius was quite confident that wouldn't be a problem. In fact, his mind was already jumping ahead -- he wondered exactly how he would explain all this away to the Lupin family. Hm.
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